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All of our products are designed and manufactured in our Canadian manufacturing plant in Rosenfeld, Manitoba. We use only the highest quality materials and we have extensively tested all products prior to market. We are also an authorized dealer for ElectroDynamics, which can be ordered directly through our online store.
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Superior onboard electronics and accessories from ElectroDynamics Inc.

ED-Nano CellPro4S to JR Node/Balance Adapter

  • CellPro to JR Node/Balance Cable Adapter.

    Balance-Charge ED-Nano 2S packs with JR Node/Balance Connectors on FMA CellPro 4S and CellPro 10S charger.


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Ultra Switch II Heavy Duty

  • Heavy-Duty, high-current Ultra Switch II for ED-Nano Rx Battery Max. Current 8A continuous. Our popular Ultra Switch II is now available matched to our standard ED-Nano 2S1P Rx battery for No-Hassle, plug-and-play use!

    Simply plug in your ED-Nano Rx pack to the Ultra Switch II ED-Nano Plug the Ultra Switch II ED-Nano to two ports your Rx for 8A load capability, or just one port for 4A max. Balance-Charge the battery using the Ultra Switch II's convenient charge port! All the great features of the Ultra Switch II plus E-Z ED-Nano installation!


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Ultra Switch II

Heavy Duty 22 AWG cables

Gold Connectors

Heavy Duty double pole, double throw switch with 4 redundant contacts

Built-in jack, DSC compatible

Available with JR (also fits Hitec, Airtronics-Z), Futaba J connectors

Overall dimensions:  1 3/8"L x 9/16"W x 3/4"H

Weight:  0.8 oz

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EDR-111 Pow'R Bus Pro

Separated Power Busses isolate servo noise and loads from the Rx.

Protects the Rx from stalled servos and power line transients.

Optically isolated and amplified control signal to servos.

Worry-free operation with many large servos driving heavy loads.

Compatible with NiCd, NiMH (4 or 5 cells) and Lithium (with voltage regulator) batteries

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EDR-125 Gear Mg'R

Plugs into Gear, Elevator and Rudder channels on your Rx, operates Rudder, Steering, Elevator, Brake, Gear servos.

Prevents accidental gear collapse on power-up

Ensures the retracts are "Down" on power-up, regardless of Tx Gear switch position.

Automatically manages Retracts, Steering and Brake functions

Rudder - Steering Mix

Down Elevator - Brake Mix

Gear-up mix override

Programmable endpoints and centering

Frees up Steering and Brake channels on the radio

No complicated Tx mixing

Saves up to 4 mixes!

E-Z "no brainer" installation and setup

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Servo Wire Extension

Servo wire extension 22 gauge available in various lengths

Gold plated terminals

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Y-Harnesses - 22 Gauge with gold plated terminals

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