We design, manufacture and sell high quality parts for R/C model airplanes

All of our products are designed and manufactured in our Canadian manufacturing plant in Rosenfeld, Manitoba. We use only the highest quality materials and we have extensively tested all products prior to market. We are also an authorized dealer for ElectroDynamics, which can be ordered directly through our online store.


Welcome to our online store.

MAP Accessories MAP Accessories...: Our MAP accessories are a great way to improve auxiliary installations in your models.  Not onl... MAP Ultra Precision Products MAP Ultra Precision Products...: High quality control valves and air cylinders manufactured in Canada by Model Aviation Products... MAP Balsa Wood Airplane Kits MAP Balsa Wood Airplane Kits...: Introducing our MAP line of Laser & CNC cut model airplane kits.  Our kits will range ... MAP Balsa Wood MAP Balsa Wood...: AAA Model Grade Balsa cut at our Canadian facility.
Sheets are cut from 6 - 12 lb Balsa stock.
Stick... MAP Building & Covering Materials MAP Building & Covering Materials...:  
 - Fibreglass sheets
 - Plastic sheets
 - Modelspan Covering... ElectroDynamics ElectroDynamics...: Superior onboard electronics and accessories from ElectroDynamics Inc....