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High-Quality Products for Model Aircraft

All of our products are designed and manufactured in our Canadian manufacturing plant in Rosenfeld, Manitoba. We use only the highest quality materials and we have extensively tested all products prior to market. We are also an authorized dealer for ElectroDynamics, which can be ordered directly through our online store.
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Gizmo Geezer & Free Flight Products

Unique and innovative products for the free flight model airplane hobby and sport

The Precision Freewheeler comes completely assembled and ready to install.

Gizmo Geezer Precision Freewheeler

Fully Assembled Front End with Molded Plastic Propeller and Spinner

Eliminates performance-robbing rubber motor and propeller management problems associated with free-wheeling propeller style of model aircraft!

Lightweight and injection molded high-strength nylon for long life and reliable performance

  • Automatic transmission mechanism
  • Adjustable thrust line
  • No rubber hook
  • Prop Shaft is .055" diameter
  • Removable sleeved clevis and molded winder attachment
  • Contest proven
  • For models ranging in size from large Peanut Scale to small Old Time Rubber
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Gizmo Geezer Precision Freewheeler w/Dog Drive

This product has all the features of the original Precision Freewheeler, but with a front end option that has been redesigned for scale model builders. 

  • Assembled and ready to install!
  • More lightweight
  • Compact, allowing installation of larger custom or vacuum-formed scale spinners


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Free Flight Propellers

Propeller shaft hole accomodates a .055 diameter prop shaft

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Gizmo Geezer Adjustable Nose Button Unit

Simple, accurate thrust adjustments - as installed in the Precision Freewheeler units.

  • Great for coups and larger old time rubber models with carved balsa props
  • Fits .055" diameter prop shafts
  • Includes screwdriver


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Gizmo Geezer PFW Parts Pack

Keep extra parts on hand in case you lose them!

The Parts Pack includes:

  • Sleeved clevis
  • Three clevis pins
  • Winder attachment


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Gizmo Geezer Rebuild/Customizing Pack

The Original Gizmo Precision Freewheelers are packaged as a ready-to-intall unit, including only those items necessary to install the Gizmo in your model and go flying!

This package allows you to rebuild or customize the unit.  It includes:

  • Two extra prop shafts
  • Drive Dog/Spinner
  • Tension Spring

Install a Czech prop, or your own carved or formed balsa prop. 

Detailed instructions for PFW re-assembly are included in the pack.

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MAP GriTubes

No More Dowel and Sandpaper!  Long-lasting, quick-cutting, 150 Grit Sanding Tubes

Package of 4 includes (approx. diameters)

  • 1/4"
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"
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Gizmo Geezer Hex-Ball Driver

Comfort-grip, hex-ball tipped driver for use with Precision Freewheelers and Adjustable Nose Button Units

A great addition to your field box!

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MAP Sanding Sleeves

  • 1/2" x 1/2" 120 Grit Sanding Sleeves
  • Fits Dremel mandrels
  • Package of 10
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